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We are the dove release experts

Since ancient times, the dove has been a symbol of love and purity. There's something mysterious and beautiful about a dove being released. This majestic experience evokes deep emotion, and adds a sense of depth, weight, and meaning every time it occurs. We have seen firsthand the effect this can have on an event, and how a dove release can set you apart from the crowd in terms of being an incredibly memorable experience.

That is why we have worked hard to be able to offer you premiere dove release experiences in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. If you're looking to celebrate a new marriage, the creation of a new life, to honor a life passed, or to commemorate any number of other occasions, a dove release can be a very appropriate and emotional way to do that. We'd be glad to offer our services for your next event. You're welcome to get straight to contacting us, or feel free to browse and learn more about dove releases and how we can serve you.

  • We loved the dove release! Thank you so much for making our day that much more special!

    Jim and Stephanie Jennings
  • We had never done a dove release before, so we were hesitant about it, but Sindy put our fears at bay and the day turned out great! Thank you!

    Isabella Martinez

Blogging About Doves


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on August 4th 2014

Due to the overwhelming demand in our local community and commitments to our new entertainment industry friends, our doves and pigeons are booked through end of 2014.  We are, however, able to participant in various events by way of our beautifully breathtaking live dove display. Please email or call for detailed information.

You can email info@moonlandingdoverelease.com or …

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Doves are Beautiful!

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on July 24th 2013

Driving with the convertible top down, listening to the music playing in the background. Feeling the breeze, smelling freshly cut grass as you simply enjoy the moment! Suddenly you find that you have to halt at a stop sign on a lonely back country road. You catch some out of the corner of your right eye. There is …

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Each dove release can be customized to reflect your personal interests. From a touching single dove ceremony to the overwhelming effect of 21 birds in flight at once, it’s all up to you.

Our doves can be placed into decorative cages and be on display until the moment of release. Special poems and music can accompany the release upon request. While we will always be present to help administer the event, those involved may choose to hold and release the doves themselves at the specified time. We’ll show you how. On the day of the event the birds will be released at your desired time in any safe location. It is truly a beautiful site when birds fly up into the air at once at the appropriate time. The release will turn your special event into a memorable moment.

  • pick a package

  • Number of DovesNumber of Doves
  • Single

  • $150

  • Number of DovesOne beautiful white dove is released from a basket, bird cage or your hands to symbolize your love.1
  • Guardian Angel

  • $175

  • Number of DovesTwo white doves are released. The Spirit dove is released along with the Guardian Angel dove who will guide the Spirit home.2
  • Trinity

  • $225

  • Number of DovesFour doves are released. Three doves to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Single dove will join the Trinity for the journey home.4
  • Flock

  • $350

  • Number of DovesA flock of doves will be released to represent the love and prayers of family and friends. The White Doves will circle the sky waiting for the Spirit dove to join them and continue their journey home.10
  • Celebration

  • $500

  • Number of DovesTwenty-one doves are released to represent the celebration of life. The doves are released to show a spectacular display of love, pride, honor and glory.21

Please call for special Honorary Soldier or Service Personnel discounts.

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