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Doves are Beautiful!

Posted in - Uncategorized on July 24th 2013 0 Comments Doves are beautiful!

Driving with the convertible top down, listening to the music playing in the background. Feeling the breeze, smelling freshly cut grass as you simply enjoy the moment! Suddenly you find that you have to halt at a stop sign on a lonely back country road. You catch some out of the corner of your right eye. There is no one else around. “Wait, was that a piece of dust, or some fire embers” you ask yourself. Then you take a moment to look and the site takes your breath away! Against the crystal blue sky and the bold green trees you see about 18 or 20 white birds flowing in a perfect cluster and slowly falling into the wind as it carries them in front of you. They seem to effortlessly flow across your site almost as soft as the ocean waves. Now you wish all your loved ones could be here with you to witness such a breathtaking and beautiful site. As you exhale, you thank the Creator for precious, yet brief, moments such as these. WOW, those were White Doves! You don’t know where they came from or where they are going! Now you find yourself wanting to share this moment with those you love. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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