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Doves are Beautiful!

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Driving with the convertible top down, listening to the music playing in the background. Feeling the breeze, smelling freshly cut grass as you simply enjoy the moment! Suddenly you find that you have to halt at a stop sign on a lonely back country road. You catch some out of the corner of your right eye. There is …

The Passing of Loved Ones

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From the past to the present, and into eternity, white doves have been and forever shall be a beautiful symbol of love, hope, peace, and the infinite soul. A memorial white dove release is a perfect tribute to the memory of your lost loved one. A professional dove release company will coordinate a …

A History of Doves

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About Our Doves

The doves we use are actually homing pigeons, which are related to the dove species. Your average doves are too fragile to make the flight home and do not have a natural homing instinct to find their way home. Homing pigeons are slightly larger, have the homing ability, and are stronger flyers. Even so, their performance is possible …

Dove Releases for Weddings

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Because doves choose one mate for life, and signify love, faithfulness, joy, and hope, including them in your wedding brings all of these elements to your ceremony in a stunning and unforgettably meaningful way. We offer beautiful displays to accompany the dove releases: Such a lovely display can further enhance your wedding ceremony decorations with …